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We are most trusted International and recognizable Fertilizers manufacturing Company in East Africa.

PETROBENA EAST AFRICA LTD is a private Company Limited established to engage in a variety of activities within the agriculture industry with an aim of creating sought- after effective solutions to the agriculture stakeholders in East Africa and Africa in general.

PETROBENA EAST AFRICA LTD was found by Peter A. Kumalilwa and Sabena Kubini in the year 2013. The company was established sorely through the passion to be part of the Agriculture growth in Tanzania and driven by its motto “bridging the gap”, Petrobena strategies have always been to be a liaison between farmers & suppliers, buyers & farmers but also farmers and the government. Currently, PETROBENA is in a partnership with YARA Tanzania, a recognized international fertilizer manufacture Company.

Peter A. Kumalilwa, CEO & Founder

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We are most trusted and recognized international fertilizer manufacture Company in East Africa.


<h2>Started the Company</h2>

Started the Company

On October 2013, Peter Kumalilwa and Sabena Kubini joined and founded PETROBENA EAST AFRICA LIMITED.


<h2> Opening of the thrid office</h2>

Opening of the thrid office

An opening of the third office located at Kurasini in Dar es salaam and it is operating under a special agreement with YARA Tanzania to serve all retail customers from 10tons and below.


<h2>Recovery of The Morogoro Deadzone</h2>

Recovery of The Morogoro Deadzone

Recovery of the fertilisers dead zone in Morogoro region. Petrobena Managed to not only recovery the Morogoro region which was said to be the hardest region in the sales of inputs and fertilisers.


<h2>Africa CEO's Summit in Rwanda</h2>

Africa CEO's Summit in Rwanda

PETROBENA East African Company Limited has been choosen among 1000 Tanzania companies to attend the Africa CEO's Summit in Rwanda.

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